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    Tony Smith shows us what a virtuoso bass guitarist can do He plays a mean funk-slap groove, a three-finger pizzicato, and an electrifying original technique he dubs "the klaw."

  • Bass Player Magazine
    Advanced Bass Grooves - by Tony Smith [Starlicks / Hal Leonard]
    Broad groove vocab makes this worth revisiting again and again!

  • Progression Quarterly Issue By - John Colling
    Tony Smith is a bassist who possesses blistering chops and also knows how to pace himself through tasty grooves in this accom- plished ensemble work. Smithís nimble plucking can be awesome ("Caliente," "Rock Child"). He also anchors the ensemble when called for without hogging the spotlight: The likes of "Over Bridge," "Colton," and other tracks are unabashedly joyous fusion - speedy, precise, and full of melodic undercurrents.

    Smith is assisted by a crack batch of session performers, including sax player Phil Wigfall and Don Jacobs, who provide tasty leads on several tracks. A guitarist is used on only one of the albumís nine cuts, with Smith carrying the load on bass through most of this album.

    The disc closes with the 14-minute title track tour de force. If you havenít picked up a fusion album lately, this would be a nice choice to balance your collection. Remember: man (or woman) does not live by "prog" alone.

  • By Marcus: what is hip tower of power, one of the best tunes of the seventies timeless, done here great this is hip! Good Job Tony!

  • Library Review  Journal: Incredible! Tony Plays The Bass Guitar With His Teeth!

  • Advanced Bass Grooves - by Tony Smith [Starlicks / Hal Leonard]
    List Price: $9.95
    Reviewed: April Ď98
    What It is: A tight half-hour video lesson touching on numerous groove styles, from rock and blues to funk and salsa. Donít let the title scare you - this tape is beginner-friendly, too.
    Why it's a bargain: You'll start learning immediately from Smith's concise takes on note length, working with a drummer, and varying right-hand technique. Plus his amiable manner, spot-on advise, and broad groove vocab make this a tape worth revisiting again and again..

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